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Dive Reports

Reports on this page
Buckland Lakes
Channel Diver
Brighton Diver
Swanage Pier
Weymouth, Dorset
Farne Islands, Northumberland
Seaford Day Dive
Phill and Barbie at Newhaven
Horsea Island, Port Solent, Portsmouth
Dover, Kent
We are always looking to update our website with new information and reports on diving locations in the UK and and abroad. So if you are a budding writer why not send us report of a dive and we will publish it to the website.
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Buckland Lakes - 21 Nov 2009

Diving an alternative inland site in Kent

Channel Diver - 1 Nov 2009

Diving the City of Waterford from Channel Diver out of Brighton.

Brighton Diver - 8 Aug 2009

Diving Brighton on the Brighton diver out of Brighton.

Swanage Pier - 20 Jun 2009

An easy dive off the pier at Swanage with my newly qualified brother in law Jay.

Weymouth, Dorset - 10 Mar 2007

Weymouth, always a great place to dive due to the high volume of wrecks caused by the rough sea and prevailing wind.

Farne Islands, Northumberland - 29 Oct 2005

Well, by popular demand, weve been to the astounding Farne Islands of Northumberland for a weekend of diving and playing with the Seals & Seal pups.

Seaford Day Dive - 8 Oct 2005

Seaford, home of 14 wrecks just off the beach, did we find anything or was it just a lost cause

Phill and Barbie at Newhaven - 4 Sep 2005

Thats Phill and a BBQ at Newhaven (thats Di not barbie!)! A great day out, good food, good weather and most of all GREAT Diving!

Horsea Island, Port Solent, Portsmouth - 7 May 2005

Welcome to the first day dive report of 2007. A good turn out and a great days diving.

Dover, Kent - 10 Apr 2005

The first day dive of the year from the Taurus in Dover. Read what happened and see the photos of this the first day dive of the year

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