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Swanage Pier

Location : Swanage
Air Temp :  20 C
Water Temp : 18 C 
Dive Type : Shore
Lat : 50.608101 N
Lon : :-1.951055 W
Jay and Kev
With my Mother in Law living in Poole I have been meaning to dive Swangae Pier for ages. Now with my now qualified brother in law, jay I have no excuse!
It wasn't the greatest of days and the weather was a little wet but we deiced to go for it anyway. We were able to park in the car park just up the road from the pier and wander down with our gear no problem.
The cost to dive the pier is whole £2.00 each which is a snip, you can park there but you have to be there pretty early to get a space.
We hadn't timed our dive very well and the tide was just starting to go out but we braved the elements and got in via the steps by the toilet. The water level was about knee deep at this point which we didn't think was too bad. We were informed that we should keep within the Pier struts so as to avoid any boats, which we did.
The Vis was excellent at about 5 meters and there was loads of life (Blenies, topnot blenies, and loads of spider crabs)  and things to look at and under. The depth didn't get any deeper than 4.3 meters and the average was about 3 meters which at some points was difficult to keep under.
A great dive and one I would do again, although I would probably wait for high tide next time!