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Weymouth, Dorset

Location : Weymouth
Boat : Skin Deep
Air Temp :  20 C
Water Temp : 18 C 
Dive Type : Wreck & Drift
Lat : 50.607836 N
Lon : :-2.456743 W
Skin Deep

Dive one - Countess of Erne (50 35.18 N; 02 25.18 W) Portland Harbour
An old paddle steamer, this 830 gross ton 241ft long iron vessel, was used as a coal hulk in Portland Harbour from around 1890 until, in a gale in September, 1935, she broke her moorings. After drifting across the harbour, she hit the inner wall of the north-eastern breakwater, was badly holed and sank. She still lies exactly as she sank, upright with her hull mainly intact, but, like most of the wrecks here, rather silty. This was a good start to the day, the vis was not too bad at around 1.5 m

Dive Two – The bottle bank, Portland Harbour
The bottle bank is so named as it was a dumping ground for boats coming into harbour for them to dump there rubbish. The bottom is quite solid and not too silty and lies at about 18 meters at maximum. There are a vast array of bottles, cutlery, plates and cups lying around. There is also a vast amount of scallops and edible crabs living around the area of which a number of the guys found a load and brought them up.       

Sunday brought an even better day with temperatures up to 16 degrees. Skin deep was moored in Weymouth harbour but on the other side which meant that the walk from the car park was not as far.
Dive Three - Enecuri / Spaniard (50 34.86 N; 02 24.85 W) Portland harbour
"She was a Spanish steamship, which drifted on to the breakwater on 29th December, 1900. At the time of her sinking her crew of 26 were all saved, but her captain was later drowned after returning to the ship."

Dive Four – The bottle bank, Portland Harbour
Back to the bottle bank for the last dive of the weekend, this was to give everyone the chance of taking some fresh seafood home. Again a number of people came up with catch bags overflowing with scallops but there were a number of bag losses due to the weight! Someone will have a lucky find.
Another great trip organised by Diving Unlimited.