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Day Dive Planning

Magic Seaweed
Magic Seaweed simulates weather conditions in 3 hourly intervals for the next 5 days this includes wind, swell, preasure and water temperature.
Wind Guru Wind Guru give you a 7 day forecast for wind and waves worldwide.Remember to key in the Country: United Kingdom and Spot: Pevensey Bay, otherwise you will be looking at the weather for Hawaii, also this is a surfer web site, so when you see a high STAR rating that means BIG WAVES.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - a link to Station 62305 - Greenwich Lightship which monitors wind direction and speed
BBC Weather - Details of all coastal goings on through out the country
MET Office The MET Office giving inshore and Offshore water and wind forcasts 
A basic Emergency Assistance Plan in Microsoft Word format.